Emerald Catron

I never could come up with a clever internet name

Ideas for movie parties.

Just some ideas for movie parties I had. Step one is probably convincing people to come to my neighborhood.

Deep Blue Sea / The Deep Blue Sea

Cronenberg / Kronenbourg

Jeff and Jack Daniels

A lady wearing an entirely white outfit, (except for a black 1” butterfly hair clip **attached to her pocket**) came up to the pole I was using on the subway and leaned her entire body against it, holding herself in place seemingly with the grip of her butt cheeks. So, yeah, I basically replayed this scene in my mind for my entire commute.

Just thought I’d point this out. After this, I am moving on.

Just thought I’d point this out. After this, I am moving on.

Need this now!

I too would read this book every night until I passed out in a cheap white wine stupor.

A large plastic bin full of crap I need to throw away fell on my head, and a teenager was polite enough to stop outside of the yoga studio to scream at us that we’re all fat fucks. And so ends another dismal year of my life.

Ruth White’s electronic cover of Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie no. 1. Usually when people try to do this song it gets turned into sentimental dreck. From the 1971 album Short Circuits.

This is drifting through outer space at this very moment.